Crafted Newsletter #26 – Tastings Return

We’ve got some more great beer for everyone, and hope to continue getting in your requests!

New Bottles and Cans
Harpoon UFO White
Traquair Jacobite
Founders Imperial Stout
Founders Red’s Rye Pale Ale
Bell’s Oarsman
Bell’s Lager
Bell’s Best Brown
Widmer Falconer’s IPA (Rotator Series)
Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale
Smuttynose Star Island Single
Sierra Nevada Estate
Founders Bolt Cutter
Left Hand Warrior IPA
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout
Spoetzl Shiner Wild Hare
Mendocino Imperial Barleywine
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Thirsty Dog Irish Setter Red
RJ Rockers Light Rock
RJ Rockers Honey Amber
Carlsberg Pils
Zywiec Porter
Highland Black Mocha Stout
Mad River Steelhead Xtra Stout

Currently on tap (Subject to change as kegs run dry)
Goose Island Honkers ESB
Terrapin Wake-n-Bake Stout
Founders Red’s Rye Pale Ale
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Nut Brown
Stone IPA
Bell’s Amber Ale
Rogue Double Dead Guy

Upcoming Kegs
Thomas Creek Appalachian Amber
Thomas Creek Banana Split Stout
Thomas Creek Up The Creek
Highland Kashmir IPA
Highland St. Terese Pale Ale
Founders Centennial IPA
New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.  Now that all of the craziness is over, we’re jumping right back into tastings.  Our next tasting will be on January 9th from 5-7PM, and we’ll be featuring a selection of IPAs.  We hope everyone is ready to come on out as we get things rolling.  We’ve got some great tastings lined up this month with Thomas Creek and Stone Brewing.

 Thomas Creek will be here for a tap takeover on January 18th, and we’re excited to have them.  It’ll run from 5-7PM, as per usual.  We’ll have someone from the brewery here to talk you through their selection for the evening.  The week after, on January 22nd, we’ll have a representative from Stone Brewing here for a similar event.  We can’t wait to have everyone here with them.

This week, we got a small shipment of Founders Bolt Cutter.  It’s their 15th anniversary barleywine clocking in at 15% ABV.  We’ve only got two left, so be quick if you’d like to get your hands on one.  They’re limited to one per customer so everyone has a chance.  We’ve also got the Sierra Nevada Estate, which is a limited release wet hop IPA.  Again, quantities are limited and we’ve had to temporarily limit them to two per customer.

We’re excited to be able to help fill your beer needs now and in the future.  If you’ve got any beer suggestions or ideas, or any feedback, we would love to hear it!  Keep an eye out for more emails in the future with updates about events, new beers, new kegs, and more!

Thanks again,

Carl & Vance
Facebook/Crafted, the Beer Store

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