Crafted Newsletter #3 – The First Tasting

Another week, another set of new brews for you to enjoy!

Harlem Brewing Co’s Sugar Hill Golden Ale
Lakefront Brewery’s Cherry Lager
Shmaltz Brewing Co’s Bittersweet Lenny’s Rye IPA (RIPA)
Moa Blanc, from New Zealand
Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout
O’Dempsey’s Inukshuk IPA
Aviator Brewing Co’s Devils Tramping Ground Tripel
Rogue’s Chocolate Stout
Stone’s Levitation Ale
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us and our CO2 troubles this week!  For anyone unaware, we managed to have a leak over last weekend that caused us to have no CO2.  We’ve sorted through those issues, and picked up a back-up tank, so we’re good to go with growlers again.

This upcoming Wednesday, August 1st, will mark our first tasting.  We’ll be pouring 2 ounces of everything we’ve got on tap for your tasting pleasure.  This event runs from 5 PM until 7 PM, just head to the bar in the back and you’ll be taken care of.  We’ll be tapping a keg of Thomas Creek’s Banana Split Chocolate Stout, and a keg of Allagash White for this tasting.  Our goal is to eventually make this a weekly or bi-weekly event, and we can’t wait to see everyone Wednesday night.  Future tastings will be held on Tuesday night – this one just happened to fall on a Wednesday because of timing with going through the proper channels to run a tasting.

A few requests have come in for kegs for special events, and we’re happy to help any way we can.  We’re working with those people, and we’ve filled a special order for a case as well.  If you would like something similar, feel free to email us or drop by and talk to us about your needs.

We’re excited to be able to help fill your beer needs now and in the future.  If you’ve got any feedback, we would love to hear it!  Keep an eye out for more emails in the future with updates about events, new beers, new kegs, and more!

Thanks again,

Carl & Vance
Facebook/Crafted, the Beer Store

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