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Yes, the contractors worked today

Today was a busy day for both the contractors and me.  They were grinding the floor all day today in preparation for the stain.  The glue used to hold down the old carpet was a bear to get up.  I’ve got to say this is already looking a lot better than when we took possession. Vance and I decided that the ceiling looked too grungy to leave alone so we are going to have it painted.  The contractors were able to prep it today while doing the floor.

So far we are off to a good start.  The shelves and the cooler have been ordered.  We currently wait on word that the alcohol licence has been approved.  Once we get it, we will be contacting the distributors to order the beer.  There is a 3 tier system for buying beer in the US since the end to prohibition.  A retailer cannot buy directly from a brewery but that might be the subject of another post one day.

I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and that the craft beer you had today was a good one.

The Journey Begins

After finally receiving our copy of the lease, we’ve been able to get started working on the interior of the store with our contractors.  We wanted to share the progress we’ve made so far, and let people get a look at how it shapes up over time.

The inside of our store after contractors had their first day inside. No more carpet, and a wall has been taken down.

When we first took possession of the location, there was an extra wall in the back that needed to be taken down.  Our contractors got it done almost immediately, and began to rip out the carpet that we no longer need.  They also began to patch the walls in preparation for painting.  We’re excited to have painting and staining started soon so we can get the shelves in.  We’d love to hear any thoughts you’ve got, so leave us a comment!

Hello, and Welcome!

Welcome to Crafted!

We’re a father-son team from Simpsonville, South Carolina who plan on bringing the best available crafted beer to the area.  Whether you’re a casual or an experienced vet when it comes to crafts, we’d be happy to help serve your needs and help you figure out what tastes best to you.  For now, this is our temporary home on the Internet.  As time progresses, we will be moving our web efforts to a personal business website instead of just a blog on WordPress.

If you’d like to watch our journey unfold, keep your eyes on this site.  We’ll be updating with our progress along with news, events, and anything else exciting involving beer.  We’d also love to keep you updated as we begin to send out newsletters.  Below this post is a sign up form for our mailing list.  We appreciate all of your support, and as such, we will never share your information with anyone else.  It’ll be kept just between the two of us.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to keeping you updated and serving you in the future.


Carl & Vance